The following is a list of Food that I have gathered together from all the different shows and what I could remember. The list is in alphabetical Order. (Atlest as good as I could see.)

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Altairian Sandwich:
A sandwich coming from Altair.

Alterian Chowder:
A seafood type soup.

Coming from Bajor this is a small pale yellow grape-fruit like thing.

Alvinian Melons:
Large green fruit.

Andorian Cabbage Soup:
A soup made from Andorian Cabbage.

Andorian Redbat:
A flying mammal from Andoria, which is considered a delicacy.

Andorian tuber root:
A high calorie delicacy from Andoria.

A health food of some type, can be eaten steamed.

Bajoran Shrimp:
Shrimp native only to Bajor.

Baked Risan beans:
Seeds from a plant indigenous only to Risa.

Blood fleas:
When flaked, these insects form part of a Ferengi delicacy.

Bolian tomato soup:
Bolian version of tomato soup.

Bregit lung:
A Klingon dish.

Bularian Canapés:
Hors d'oeuvres very fattening.

Delavian Chocolate:
This candy is difficult to get.

Delovian Souffle
Icecream like dish.

Delvin Fluff Pastries
A very fattening delicacy.

Denobulan Lemur Kidney
Highly looked for delicacy on Denobula.

Denobulan Sausage
Self Explanitary

Drayjin Meat
Food favoured by Eska hunters. Said to tastes something like pork.

Dutara Root
A type of Xyrillian plant.

Difficult to get Bajoran delicacy.

A Klingon delicacy from serpent worms. Connoisseurs of Klingon cuisine claim that gagh is best served very fresh....meaning alive.

A leafy brown like Klingon food.

Golana Mellon
Large fruit type food, found on Golana.

Bajoran breakfast type food with syrup of squill.

Grapok sauce
Klingon condiment.

Spicy seasoning, this spice has been used test ones courage.

Spicy Bajoran dish resembling an Earth burrito, but filled with a carefully processed brine.

Hasperat Soufflé
Bajoran dish made from Hasperat.

Heart of Targ
A traditional Klingon meat dish consisting of the hearts of Klingon targ, served on a greens.

I'danian Spice Pudding
An extremely rich dessert, white with a creme on top.

Ice Salt
A seasoning.

Icoberry Torte
Rectangular dessert food.

Jacarine Peel
The peel of some sort of fruit or vegetable. Sometimes served with Raktajino.

Jellied Gree-worm
Ferengi delicacy.

Jumbo Romulan Mollusks
A seafood dish.

Jumja Stick
A Vitamin C-filled confection made of Bajoran jumja sap, molded and sold on stick.

Kaferian Apple
Fruit resembling Terran apple.

A crop grown commercially on Bajor, at least for its root and nuts. It can be used as a coffee additive, either as sweetener or creamer. It is also used as a bread ingredient.

Kava Nut
Edible fruit of the Bajoran Kava plant, one of the few foods that the Vorta enjoy.

A rare Bajoran fruit, considered a delicacy.

Koganka Pudding
A Bajoran dessert, traditionally given to a soon-to-be bride.

Kohlanese Barley
A Kohlanese grain.

Kohlanese Sstew
A Kohlanese dish.

Krada Legs
Klingon dish consisting of the broiled legs of a small animal.

Kreetassan Spice
A spice.

Ktarian Chocolate Puff
Confection made with seventeen different chocolates.

Ktarian Eggs
Large orange and red eggs, which are green on the inside.

Larish Pie
A Bajoran dish.

Livanian Beet
Variety of succulent root of the Biennial Livanian herb used as a vegetable.

Lokar Beans
A Ferengi vegetable, suitable as a snack or appetizer.

A melon-like food.

Lorvan Crackers
Snack food.

Maaza Stalks
A celery-like edible plant.

Mapa Bread
A Bajoran bread.

Minaran Spinach
Orange food, and was not considered very edible by Humans.

Moba Jam
Preserves made from Moba fruit, native to the planet Bajor.

Moon Grass
Used as a flavour enhancer.

Nutrient Suspension
A semi-organic sort of "food" in a silicone-based liquid medium.

Ongilin Caviar
Made from fish eggs.

Leaf-like, dark yellow with purple veins delicacy from Betazed. Contains sap that is said to keep one warm.

Owon Eggs
Delicacy served as omelet, deemed inedible by Humans, Klingons love them.

Pipius Claw
A popular and interesting Klingon dish, caution is advised to chew it properly before swallowing.

Plomeek Soup
A well renowned and versatile Vulcan soup dish. Popular throughout the Alpha Quadrant.

Pok Tar
A Vulcan food.

Powdered Newt
Finely ground desiccated lizard remains used as a food supplement.

Puree of Beetle
Ferengi food often eaten for breakfast.

Watery fruit enjoyed by the Vorta.

Casserole know for being difficult and time consuming to make.

An edible, higher-order Klingon worm, served live.

Ratamba Stew
Traditional Bajoran stew.

Regova egg
Egg from an animal native to Cardassia, edible and often served as an appetizer.

Regrean Wheat Husks
A grain commodity.

A Bajoran spice used in the preparation of tuwaly pie.

Rhombolian Butter
Type of butter. Vulcan Mollusks taste good if sautéed in Rhombolian butter.

Rokeg Blood Pie
An interesting Klingon dish, popular with many non-Klingons.

A liquid, clear stock.

Sem'hal Stew
Cardassian dish, served with yamok sauce.

Senarian Egg Broth
Medicinal soup, good for keeping up stamina.

Slug Liver
Ferengi food usually served raw.

Slug Steak
Dish popular on the Ferengi home world.

Snail Steak
Grilled slices of succulent molluskoid, much loved by the Ferengi.

Suck Salt
Long pencil like tubes of an unspecified Salt.

Syrup of Squill
Foodstuff made from the squill plant which only grows on the planet Balancar.

Vegetable used in salads.

Terellian Spices
A valuable commodity, Andorians are interested in it.

Thalian Chocolate Mousse
Mousse dessert which uses four hundred year old chocolate beans.

A Cardassian dish served with yamok sauce.

Tube Grubs
Ferengi food eaten alive; best served dank and musty.

Tuwaly Pie
Bajoran dessert.

Utta Berries
Blueberry like fruit native to Betazed.

A Bajoran food.

Fish-like organisms that provide the main food source for Antedeans.

Vilm Sauce
Condiment used on Nozala sandwiches.

Vulcan Mollusks
Vulcan delicacy, best served sautéed in Rhombolian butter.

Wentlian Condor Snake
Edible serpentine life-form.

Foodstuff made from a desert cactus.

Segmented orange food stuff enjoyed by Klingons.

Some Foods and details provided by 14th Fleet.